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Toe Sae Hill Shrine

loc Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Ref No. 64  |  Updated: December 26, 2012

Situated in Phuket Town, Toe Sae Hill Shrine is positioned near the base of Toe Sae Hill, which is commonly referred to as Monkey Hill. The shrine is holds 3 statues of Toe Sae Khao, Toe Sae Dum and Toe Sae Dang, who were believed to be guardian spirits protecting Phuket. Worshippers pay respect to them by refraining from eating pork in meals every Friday. Vistors walking up the steep Toe Sae Hill will come across a small exercise park around halfway up the hill that has lovely sea views towards the east coast. As it’s name suggests monkeys can often be seen around the shrine and in the trees. The top of the hill can be reached by around a 50 minute steep walk or by a short car ride. At the top of the hill is a TV Station and various telephone, TV and radio towers.



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