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Phuket, as a tropical island, has long been associated with the swaying palm trees, balmy weather and carefree lifestyle seen in travel brochures. In recent years, however, the proliferation and improvement of plastic surgery facilities such as Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (PIAC) and the Phuket International Hospital have turned Phuket into a destination not only for enjoyment, but also for world-class medical care.

So what is it about Phuket that attracts potential patients requiring plastic surgery and why choose PIAC? Cost is the most obvious advantage. It is estimated that medical care in Phuket costs one-half to one-third of that in Singapore, one-fifth of the cost in Western Europe and about one-eighth of that in the United States. Many patients can pay for their airfare, surgery and hospital costs, as well as recuperate at a luxury resort in a tropical paradise and still save money on the same plastic surgery procedure in their home country.

In addition to affordable prices, many of the things that make Phuket attractive to conventional tourists also apply to its health care services, including:

  • a tolerant and welcoming attitude towards visitors
  • a service-minded culture
  • delicious and healthy food
  • an attractive and relaxing environment in which to recover.

Plastic Surgery at PIAC is not only good value, but are also of good quality, offering comparable standards to Western countries and the more advanced economies of Asia. The skills of our surgeons and health care professionals, the technology and hygienic and safety practices of the Phuket International Hospital are world class. Some of our doctors and surgeons have obtained training and experience in the United States, and some are internationally renowned in their respective specialisations.

Phuket has the added advantage of having numerous budget and first-class resorts, beautiful beaches and a diverse range of leisure activities to enjoy both before and after a procedure. English is widely spoken. Some resorts are affiliated with PIAC and employ full time nurses with medical clinics operated by Phuket International Hospital making post hospital care easy and hassle free. It’s comforting to know that a nurse is available 24 hours a day.

At PIAC we also take care of the little things, the things that matter such as making a mobile phone available during your stay so you can keep in contact. We also assign you to a coordinator that speaks your language and can attend to your needs. We make transport available for you to attend appointments, or go sight seeing. The extra services go on and on…