Asian Wind Spa & Leisure Consultants

Based in Phuket Thailand, Asian Wind Spa and Leisure Consultants brings together an international team with over seventeen years experience in the South East Asian Region. With expertise in a wide variety of fields; Spa Design, Spa Treatments, Aromatherapy, Spa/Club Management, Fitness Consultancy and Training, we hope to ensure that everybody at some time in their life, has an opportunity to improve and expand their physical and mental wellbeing.

To provide this, Asian Wind has compiled a variety of flexible services to ensure professional Spas and Leisure facilities can continue to develop throughout the region. Separated into four definitive modules of service, which allows affordability, Asian Wind boasts the ability to help improve existing facilities and services or create new ones, and therefore expand your hotel or properties marketing potential and profitability.

Asian Wind Spa & Leisure Consultants

Come like a rushing wind from the East and transform me; my body, my mind and my spirit. Give me a new perception of who I am…….

It has been said that life’s fruitfulness will come out of your place of rest……..step away from the burden of day to day life, as we invite you to take a walk down the ancient healing path of rest and relaxation. Asian Wind takes the best of past traditions and is shaping the future of your health in our havens of rejuvenation for the body, mind and spirit.

Set amidst the peaceful and tranquil surrounding of Phuket and beyond, Asian Wind Spa’s are a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, where the secrets of beauty and balance are at your finger tips.

In the sanctuary of your single room or couple suites, we offer a divine menu of Massages, Facials, Body & Beauty Treatments utilizing both professional Aromatherapy products and carefully selected age old Thai beauty formulation, aimed to heal your body and de-stress your mind. Also incorporating Aromatic Herbal Steam rooms, Jacuzzi or private bath, step in, unwind and let our exquisite service, the healing touch of our therapist and the unforgettable essence of the spirit of Thailand, restore the luster of life that you’re searching for.