“Quality Fresh & Frozen products, Cleanliness, Healthy, Accurately on special price”

Dear… all business owner, executive, hotel, restaurant, eating house, restaurant garden and housewife… Ko Tee Co., Ltd. we proudly to serve our customer the comfort from consumer goods purchasing fresh & frozen meat as pork, chicken, fish, ducks and seasonings for your easier choice, just contact us now!

Ko Tee Co., Ltd. is a wholesale covers on pork, chicken, ducks, beef in ready to cook. Our product wrapped in the clean package, healthy cuisine and international standard quality. Additionally, our service included ground, chopped, sliced meat. Specially Free Delivery! You can save time and money at the same time.

Product Category

All products are wrapped in clean package for your healthy cuisine but it’s always fresh. Our service covers to build the cold storage, kitchen equipment for sale and designed kitchen area by our professional team.

Ensured and rely on our freshness, cleanliness, standard quality meanwhile you can save your valuable time and save money in your pocket then wait for the scrumptious dishes in a short time.

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