We are proud to serve our customers. You can buy with the comfort of knowing you are purchasing high quality fresh & frozen pork, chicken, fish, duck, prawn and seasonings. All products are high quality and wrapped in clean packaging ensuring healthy cuisine and are always fresh and ready to cook.

Our products are suitable for all customer groups...business owners, executives, hotels, restaurants, eating houses, garden restaurants and housewives.

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You can save time and money at the same time.

Available Products

Chicken: Whole chickens both frozen and fresh, variety of cut pre-cut chicken parts.
Pork: Fresh or frozen pork meat, variety pre-cut pork parts.
Duck: Cherry duck, many sizes of duck available.
Local Beef: Quality range of fresh and frozen beef including as sirloin & tenderloin steaks.
Frozen Vegetables: Various vegetables, spinach and french fries.
Eggs: Fresh eggs ranging from sizes 1 - 3 and boiled Quail eggs.
Prawn: Phuket Lobster, River Prawn and White Shrimp
Crab: Blue Crab, Crab Meat and Soft Crab
Squid: Large variety of fresh squid.
Shellfish: Scallops, Oysters and Mussels.
Fish: Various kinds of fresh or frozen fish.