Quite some time has elapsed since Khun Palita (Ji Louie) Ponsin started to concentrate with the focus being the research and the resulting creation of the delicious "Kornthong" cuisine, now so very popular among a large customer base of lovers of the original Southern Culinary Art. Her first endeavours started back in 1986 in a tiny food outlet at Baan Sapam, Phuket, and her success allowed her to continuously enlarge and develop her enterprise to the size of a highly standardized large factory, crowned with every and all culinary acknowledgements, like GMP, etc. Today, her factory produces more than 70 different food products, among them fish kidney curry, spicy shrimp, an assortment of seafood curries and ready-made dips, Chainese cakes with 18 stuffings, Pepper cookies – all for sale in appealing packaging – for which she received awards and recognitions time and again. Some of her nominations are listed hereafter:

Apart from the factory there is a well-known outlet at Baan Lipon on an area of approx. 6 rai, at about 2.5 km from the Thao Thepkasatree/Thao Srisoonthorn Monument in direction to the Sarasin Bridge. Within this area a restaurant serves well-known delicacies, i.e. stir-fried Hokkien Rice Noodles, Phuket Curried Fish Parcels and offers an A la Carte Menu. The parking lot provides space for more than 100 cars, clean toilets, a Muslim Prayer Room, a Sala for relaxation, daily newspapers and refreshing cold herbal drinks.

"Kornthong… Miracle of deliciousness"