Phuket Cosmed Clinic the modern technology merges with beauty programs. We will change you to a beautiful new look and save money. Phuket Cosmed Clinic, a complete beauty service center with professional doctors and friendly staffs, giving advice on beauty, skin & body treatment to every customer.

Our service

  1. Mesotherapy Treatment
  2. Scar Care with IPL Laser Treatment
  3. Stretch marks with Carbomed Technique
  4. Carboxy Therapy and Lumicell Touch
  5. Facial Treatment Laser
  6. Body Consultation / Lose weight easily by the highest medical technology
  7. Wrinkle reducing with Botox injections
  8. Wrinkle reducing with collagen injections

Phuket Cosmed Clinic delivers all treatment service with laser and every kind of surgery at an international standard. Our beauty service center is private, comfortable ambience and cleanliness. We serve you with the most customer satisfaction and your safety first.