EZ Décor is located opposite Zee Zee Interior in CherngTalay, Phuket. This large, airy and spacious showroom carries a wide range of Thai and S.E. Asian furniture in both Modern and Contemporary styles. The show room has a slight accent of hip modern feel to it.

Our showroom is decorated with large simple table tops in solid wood and soft couches with relax benches, all of which are available in a Contemporary Asian style.

EZ designs give inspiration to home decorating and offer a choice in soft furnishing's and decor items such as sofa’s, lamps, pots, cushions, dining sets, bedroom sets as well as large standing mirrors.

EZ décor provides delivery and installation to all parts of Southern Thailand including; Phuket, Phang-nga, Krabi and the Koh Samui region. With wholesale and export to all ports of the world. Ez Decor is supported by Zee Zee Interior, Phuket which stocks recycled teak furniture in classic and contemporary styles.