From Penvadee Garden Stone to Stone Installation & Service Co., Ltd. and Stone Depot Co., Ltd., Penvadee Garden Stone with over 10 years experience in products and installation for natural raw materials such as stone decoration for home and garden. Your worthwhile investment is guaranteed by our quality service from Penvadee Garden Stone.

For the convenience and quickly distribution and service, we separated our service into 2 companies which are Stone Installation & Service Co., Ltd. and Stone Depo Co., Ltd. The best service is served by Khun Jo Dilokphat, a real expert all about stone directly.

Stone Installation & Service

Stone Installation & Service Co., Ltd. or SIS provides installation and demolish service including stone cleaning by the efficient quality of our experienced team service.

Our Service

Stone Depot

Stone Depot Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of natural raw materials and concerned. Our high quality products at Stone Depot are accepted by many construction companies and the decor lovers.

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