Phuket A&P Trading Ltd.,Part. Was established for 4 years ago its beginning in 2003. We Supply in a variety of solid wood that is origin from Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and also our local woods we have many type of wood to supply such as Makha wood, Teak wood, Takientong

Our main products are used for house and furnitures purpose including:

  • Parquet & Flooring ( T&G )
  • Ceiling
  • Skirting
  • Decking
  • Border
  • Paneling
  • Window & Door, Frame
  • And other hardwood timber etc.

Philosophies of Company:

  1. High Quality products
  2. Delivery in time
  1. Competitive price
  2. Service mind

When we establish a relationship with our customers, we want them to feel that we are an extension of their business not just a vendor. We go to great lengths to help them get what they want, when they want it – no matter what the emergency or change may be. They know we are interested in making their job as easy as possible.

Phuket A&P Trading, we specialize in quick service, quality lumber wood and fair price. We offer you all kind of wood such as Teak, Tabek, Makha, Daeng, Taeng and Takeantong. We are the suppliers for quality wood products; parquet, ceiling, border and more.
Our services:

Our supplies:

Our customers:

At Phuket A&P Trading, we serve you the best prices, best service ,best supplies and best quality