House Doctor… the new dimension of house care and repair, with the over 12 years experience professional team and serves more 2,500 customers all over Phuket Island. Rely on our workmanship through the quality work.

Get the special privilege after you applied to a member!

Free! labour cost, vehicle and conduction throughout 365 days
Free! urgently work on time 24 hours after you called
Free! 25% per time or continually problem solving when the expenses are equal or more than monthly member cost, the member will get discount 25% off for repair, improvement, renovation at the standard price.
Added services
Safe keeping home while you are in foreign country
Be an agency to do all house duty such as cleaning, yard care. Pool care & cleaning, pool system, air-conditioned care and furniture care.

These services included a consultation that all we have staffs to provide the quality services on the most of customer’s maximum satisfaction. Just call us then tell your member number and tell us your need.

Get rid of your problem!

Floor, roof deck, roof, ceiling, bathroom floor, etc.
Plumbing, cesspool, drainage, etc.
Building plumbing, odor
Bathtub system, Jacuzzi, cold & hot water, shower, bathroom drainage
Lavatory system, setting installation
Electronic system, water supply, air-conditioned
Painting, furniture, carpet, wallpaper, curtain
Stone tiled, Tiles, wooden work
Count bar, ceiling, wall decoration
Mirror, aluminum, gutter


A company will serve members throughout 1 full year 24 hours, Free! labour cost, vehicle and conduction (through the bill)
If there are more expenses of each service that higher than monthly member cost, a member has to pay for labour cost and those services at the real price. Special for a member get the discount 25% off immediately.
In case of the disaster, fire, risk or out of services and conditions. If a member has a contract with a company to conduct the construction, repair, improvement so a member will gain discount 25% off (follow 2.) As well as a contract that happened from an approval of each other and the price is an international standard price.
A member must be prepaid for 1 year and has to pay a tax bill at the real price.

Notice: A member status will be completely 100% and will be effected when a member paid and received a receipt with a member number from the authoritative person Mr. Satapon Sritong only.
5. Before signing a contract between a company and a member, a company has to check your house or building and every system to be a database for the next service.