Real Estate on Phuket Island, Thailand

We are grateful to you for your choosing our website as a source of information concerning buying real estate. We offer only true information at first hand. Luxurious mansions and villas, private residences and lands – all the best – are waiting for you in Thailand.

Our company is located in Phuket. Get rid of intermediaries; communicate with sellers with our help! We fully help you to choose real estate and control the process of legalization of your new property. Our group consists of several companies specializing on different areas of real estate market. That means that with our help you can immediately get an agent, a lawyer, a translator, an accountant and a manager of the object.

Despite of the fact that our company is located far from Russia most of our specialists are Russians or Russian speaking people. The fact allows our clients who are not so fluent in English to communicate and express their wishes freely.

One of the most important principles of our work is privacy of information about our clients and their transactions. All information is confidential. Besides this, we can offer you plans of mediate ownership and tax optimization for your real estate units.

If you find on our website information about an object that would interest you that means that our specialists have already visited the object, contacted the developer, studied acknowledgment letters and estimated quality of the displayed item.

Currently our website presents only a part of our base. So if you cannot find a desired real state unit or if you want to get any additional information, feel welcome to call us on one of the phone numbers listed on the top of the page. Our specialists will be glad to answer all your questions.

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We wish you to enjoy visiting our website and hope to see you as our client!

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