F.L.A. Co., Ltd. is a Thai company, formed and represented by Franck Lahiner and his family since 2002.
F.L.A. Co., Ltd., also known and named as Follow Us Consulting, is situated in Phuket, a beautiful Island southern part of Thailand and bordered by the Andaman Sea.

We offer consulting for real estate investments, insurances and Thai administrations. Our team will guide you through the mechanism of Thai property laws and regulations, administrations rules, accounting department and insurance companies. Our commitment is to keep our customers away from swindlers and disloyalties.

We will help you in the different languages as follow; Thai, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian.

Our Services

Our office is open from Monday to Friday and from 9 am. 6 pm. Furthermore, it is possible to take appointment on Saturday and Sunday. The appointments shall be taken in advance by mail, fax or telephone.