The Nchantra name was first introduced 2004, when we started our project in Moon Valley, Phuket. Nchantra is the property development division of TAA & Associates Co., Ltd.

TAA & Associates is one of the oldest Architect and Construction Companies in Phuket. Leading architect and owner is Khun Ekasak, who is born in Phuket. He has 12 years experience in the architectural trade in Los Angeles, USA. He moved back to Phuket nearly 20 years ago.

TAA & Associates has 25 office staff including in-house architects, project management teams, engineers and administrative personnel.

The construction division has around 200 construction workers including foremen.

TAA & Associates is also majority owner of Gordian Co., Ltd., which is owner of a land bank for Nchantra Projects. The combined assets of TAA & Associates Co., Ltd and Gordian Co., Ltd are the reason that Nchantra can finance its projects fully and give unbeatable payment terms.

With all design and construction management “in house” and overseen by expatriate manager, you can be sure that changes or other customizations can be expedited quick and easy.

We believe in enduring value of good design and the importance of professional planning and execution.