Welcome to JOYDIVE Underwater Scooters. General Information and Driving Instruction

1. The Underwater Scooter has two electric motors , one for forward movement , and the other for vertical movement to go up. The forward movement button is located on the right hand side of the Steering Arm ( as per pic.) and the UP button located on the left hand side of the steering arm.

2. The depth of the scooter is controlled by safety buoy and set at 4 meters ,which will stop you from bumping the coral or the sea bottom. It also allows our dive instructor to track your position as you drive the course.

3. The Scooter has two gauges, one for the depth And the other for the air. Pls, monitor the gauges while driving, note the air pressure must always be above 40 bar. If the pressure drops below 40 bar, please return to the platform. The air will continue to flow into the helmet, so just breath normally as you return.

On Starting Your Dive
1. Enter the water via the boarding ladder on the side of the dive platform and slip into the scooter. NOTE, “always driver first” and then the passenger. You will be then lowered into the water. Our dive instructor will then help you drive the scooter out and descent (go down) to the 4 meter level. While descending keep equalizing your ear pressure – this is very important. Because the scooter has been pre-set at 4 meters, decompression is not a problem. So , sit back , drive and enjoy your underwater exploration.

2. As you start to drive our dive instructor will be by your side. When you feel comfortable the diver will leave you to drive the course alone.

3. The course is designated by an underwater buoy line, so simply follow the buoys and always keep the yellow buoys on your right shoulder. At the half way mark the buoys will change to white. Now keep the white buoys on your right shoulder, which will lead you back to the dive platform. You may stop along the course to view the coral and the tropical fish. But not for too long as we would like to avoid an underwater traffic jam.

Finishing your Dive
1. When you arrive back at the start-finish area our dive instructor will be waiting. He will help you bring the scooter to the surface.

2. Slip out of the scooter and swim to the boarding ladder at the side of the platform.
NOTE. At any stage while you are driving the course you feel you are not comfortable, take a deep breath and slip out of the scooter , swim to the surface and hold the safety buoy ( our crew will come to you).