Pearl Factory Pearl Jewelry Sales & Exports Phuket Thailand

The Pearl Farm is located about one kilometer offshore in the vicinity of Sapham Bay, on the west coast of Phuket Island in Thailand. The farm is accessible by a ten-minute boat ride.

Climate and water conditions along Phuket's western coast are ideal for pearl production. Two daily tides ensure a steady, natural supply of the nutrients upon which the oysters feed : high quality plankton at the correct water temperature for optimal growth, 26 - 29. C. Local sea currents are sufficient to ensure clear seawater conditions year-round.

Please keep your pearls away from perfume, cosmetics, perspriration and stains. After each wearing, wipe your pearls carefully with a soft cloth and keep them separate from other jewelry items. The silk thread of a pearl necklace will eventually slacken or weaken over time. It is recommended that you check the thread regularly and replace it if necessary..

We cordially invite interested buyers to come and view the pearls for themselves at our showroom.

We are confident that our strict attention to detail throughout the entire production process will ensure that our pearls and pearl jewelry capture the finest beauty nature has to offer.