Phuket International Law Office services include general legal advice, corporate registration, corporate investment, real estate investment, commercial transactions and commercial litigation.

Phuket International Law Office is one of the few law firms in Phuket and near-by provinces, which is capable of providing bilingual services to our respective clients.

We always consider ourselves as a small boutique office with tailor-made services aiming to develop long term business relationships with the clients. The Firm is truly committed to provide our respective clients with dependable and high quality of work at affordable fees.

The Firm has an affiliated office in Bangkok where our managing partner has retained his practice in the capital city as well as in Phuket and other provinces throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. From time to time, we also participate with arbitration proceedings in Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries as well. In November, 2005, the Firm has successfully merged with NTP International Law Firm whereby the mutual committment and our more than 50 years of combined experiences will further enhance the best interest of our clients for years to come.

Scope of Legal Services and Specializations:
Our legal services include, but are not limited to, general legal advice, corporate registration, corporate investment, real estate investment, commercial transactions, commercial litigation, will and probate, trusts, work permits and visa applications as well as notarial services, certified translations and authentication.
Our core services are available within the following practice areas:

Commercial Litigation
Corporate Law and Contract Law
Immigration and Customs
Property Investment and Due Diligence Exercise

Real Estate and Commercial Transactions
Trust and Property Management
Will and Estate Administration

Legal Services in Bangkok Metropolitan:
Phuket International Law Office Legal Services Consultants Phuket Thailand

The Firm is capable of carrying out legal services in Bangkok Metropolitan areas by and through our Bangkok operation. The clients can always save time and money in retaining us to diligently act on their behalf for all legal matters in Bangkok.
Other Available Professional Services:

The Firm works with selected accounting and audit firms, reputable property agents, as well as other professionals for and on behalf of the clients.

The Firm also provides lobbying works as well as governmental liaisons on the government and other related projects.

The Firm offers a variety of management services on the property ownership, long-term lease and maintenance & utility arrangements on behalf of the clients.
Fees Arrangement:

We do normally charge our professional services on an hourly basis but flat or lump sum fees can be arranged. The fees do not include handling expenses and government fee(s), if any.
Monthly and Yearly Retainers:

For extensive or regular legal needs, the Firm also offers monthly and yearly retainers to serve the clients as their legal counsel on any corporate and legal works affecting any business activities of the clients. We can also act as the local or independent directors for the clients or their corporate entities in Thailand.