Muay Boran & Krabi Krabong Thai, Phuket "Thai ancient boxing and a weapon-based martial art"

More than being a traditional and effective art of self-defense, Chaiya style of boxing is a graceful exercise that keeps the body fit and alert, and is also a way to learn to focus. Muay Thai Chaiya helps you to achieve mental and physical health- builds muscle strength, controls weight and induces conscience- giving you internal power within a flexible body and powerful mind.

The Only one Kru Preang's student in Southern of Thailand

Master Chanuphon Yodsamai he is a Kru Preang's student he has studied Muay Chaiya and two-handed sword from Kru Preang for 8 years since 2003.And the approval of the Kru Preang to spread Muay Chaiya And weapons of Thailand In Phuket by his own.

Training is held at Sa phan Hin football stadium in Phuket town

Muay Boran Krabi Krabong Weapon-based Martial Arts Thai, Phuket

Thai boxing training courses:

400 Baht / Hour
800 Baht / day

Private training is available.

We offer Free class on Saturdays for Thais only 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.