SBS-Thailand - Corporate Entertainment and Team Building

With 18 years experience in the UK and Europe, SBS-Thailand now operates in Phuket, Thailand. We bring a stunning range of activities to challenge, excite and entertain.

With our local knowledge we create individual programs designed to

provide exactly what the customer requires. Our service can include all transport, F&B, as well as all equipment and activities.

SBS - Thailand has created some stunning Feature Events using their unique combat simulation equipment for their Team Building program.

As a stand-alone feature, groups of 20 - 50 participants are ideal.

Table Games: We give teams a box of Lego, and ask them to construct a model of how their company is structured from the CEO/President to the person who sweeps the floor in their local office.

Our training games are designed to reinforce the Company, and to take the teams mind away from just their office or department, increasing their corporate awareness.

Apart from our own in-house activities, SBS-Thailand can organize treasure hunts, speed boat trips and sailing adventures, diving and fishing trips.

SBS -Thailand is ready to provide an event that will be talked about, and laughed over, long after it has finished, giving unforgettable memories, and lasting benefits to all those who attend.

Feature Events
* Challenging
* Exciting
* Entertaining
* Unforgettable