I'm a professional portrait artist from Thailand with over fifteen years experience specializing in lifelike pastel and oil portraits of people from many countries and all kinds of animals.

LIFELIKE PORTRAITS PAINTINGS Drawn or painted from photos

I am a 40 year old Thai artist. Art has been a great part of my life since I was young because I have always been interested in and fascinated by all forms of art, I had a chance to study in the institute of art in Bangkok and have been working for 10 years. Currently, I'm living and working on Phuket Island which is well known by tourists all over the world and has many beautiful beaches.

Portrait painting is very challenging and wonderful for many reasons. For example, you will feel satisfied when your portrait looks alive and life-like as much as possible. With more than 15 years of experience. I believe that besides loving art, studying hard and working hard, art is a gift to help you make a success in your career and life.

I am very proud of my work, it is my heart and soul. I hope you'll enjoy it and I would like you to become one of my numerous customers. I'll always give you the best of my ability.