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Free Zones Stimulate National Economies Free Zones Create Employment at All Educational Levels Free Zones Provide Value Added Community Benefits Free Zones Increase Infrastructure Development & Utilisation

With over 30 Years experience in setting up successful Free Zones & Port Operations—from Green Field Sites, we are able to provide strategic economic planning to Governments and Developers.

We provide ‘Cost Effective’ down-to-earth solutions based on tried and tested models. Learn where to concentrate your strengths and avoid the pitfalls that many Free Zone & Port operators fall into.

We network our vast pool of available investors through associate offices in places such as the UAE, India, Thailand, Oman, Australia, UK, USA and Laos.

Whatever your needs call for we have the personnel ready to move your project forward. Our breadth of knowledge combined with our global reach and wide practical experience , allows us to provide the highest quality Project Management solutions that take meticulous account of the specific requirements of each of our clients.

From Joint Venture to Management, to Consultancy, we have a business option that will meet your requirements. We stress again, we can only undertake a strictly limited number of Clients. Don't risk your Projects viability.

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About Our Contacts

We believe we have the most comprehensive Free Zone customer contact base available, with more than 11,000 Active Clients and more than 15,000 globally positioned potential investors.