Chemical injecting into the soil with high-pressure injector. After the initial treatment, our specialist will spray over the areas with the same chemical at ratio of 2 liters per sq.m.

When informed that anew constructed building is almost complete and the areas aroun the building have been graded our soil injecting service will be applied around the building as well as areas within 1 meter at ratio of 5 liters per square meter and 2 liters per square meter respectively.

   Examination Services

We will sendour specialists to examine the building twice a year during the contract year. 
Guarantee period  will be 3 years.


Chemicals used: Organophosphate, Pyrethroid, Cypermethrin, Chloronicotiny, Cholorpyriphos, Fipronil 

Use of Chemicals

Chemicals used for pest control service have been selected from the most effective and safest. 
Completely safe and non-toxic to human being and pets are what we are most concerned about.

These pesticides have already been put into experiment with satisfied results before introducing 
into pest control service associations all over the world. 
And they are also imported into Thailand by the permission and control of Ministry of Agriculture 
and Ministry of public health.

With our pest control service use of these efficient but non-toxic chemicals, you can be sure 
that you will be absolutely safe from the annoyance of Termites, Wood-borers etc.
Pesticides for extermination of Termites are Pyrethroids Group: Cypermetrin, 
Permetrin, Chorpyrifos and Chlorinated Hydrocarbon: Chlordane, etc.

For extermination of Ants, Cockroaches, Beetles, Flea, Mosquitoes, Files we use chemicals from
Organophosphates Group: Diazinon, Sumithion NP, Dursban, Alfacon, and 
Synthetic Pyrethroids Group: Cypermetrin, Decamethrin, Permethrin, Cyhalothrin, etc. 

For extermination of Rats & Mice, we use non-chemicals and the laying of baits with rodenticide 
(Single Dose, Anti-Coagulants)