Dive King Fisher

One of the most popular Scuba Diving options available in Phuket, Thailand is the Kingfisher Liveaboard Dive Boat. The Kingfisher is capable of venturing to well-known tourist dive sites found in the Similan Islands, Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon, HinDaeng, HinMuang, Burma National Park, RachaYai, RachaNoi, and Phi Phi Islands BidaNok and BidaNai.

When you are interested in taking the plunge there are several options available with thousands of dive sites all around the world. The options don’t stop there however; as diving enthusiasts are open to another popular option known as the Liveaboard Diving. Liveaboard Diving is where you can simply select any available dive charter and take a boat directly to that area for the Scuba Diving experience. This way you can experience the best that diving has to offer by going directly to remote diving locations.

The Kingfisher allows for a Luxurious diving experience, providing relaxation and comfort on the scenic travel to chartered dive sites. The Dive Boat is fully equipped with all the best facilities for get-togethers with family and friends be it for the awesome diving experience or just the splendor of the off shore trip.