Micro Tattoo by Mr. Micro ,he’s owner ,has been tattooing in Patong since 1999. He’s experience in the unique of tattooing 16 year ago. Micro Tattoo preserve all European health standards including sterile workroom ,air-conditioned , hospital grade autoclave sterilization and the best quality of inks and colors from around the world. There also offers all body ,facial and surface piercing with a wide range of jewelry in-store. There service with one of  artists to develop a perfect piece.

We are open 7 days a week 10 AM - 12 PM

MICRO is the owner of MICRO TATTOO. He originally started the shop as a one man show doing all of the tattoo work and piercings himself. Now with two staff he is able to concerntrate on the work he loves: Bamboo Tattoo, the Thai traditional form of tattoo. Micro has been practicing Bamboo Tattoo work since 1988 and is a true master of Bamboo Tattoo.

Also avalible are tattoo equiptment and wholesale products.