Phuket Horse Rescue

To Eliminate Suffering, Seeks to Remedy Neglect and Misuse of Horses Used Commercially in Phuket,Thailand

Early this year, we moved location closer to Bang Tao beach and are now also the proud site of the Andaman Horse Center, Ltd., Co., located above Layan Beach, Soi 7 ( North Bang-Tao Bay)

Offering private horse livery, (boarding) with EU/US/AU naturalist standards of horse care. Also, an arena suitable for jumping and lessons. Nearby and safely accessible riding includes a National Forest Reserve and is a short ride to the eight kilometer long Bang- Tao beach.

PHR is a personal endeavor, going on 6 years now, wholly, foolishly financed by my own personal funds and fueled by my affection for horses. PHR cannot, nor has it ever, accept donations or funds, nor even volunteer's time. However, equine experts and interested others are welcome to visit as friends, and meet the horses and any sharing of experience is much appreciated.

Please scroll to bottom for details regarding harassers who are keen on libel, slander and defamation regarding this...hobby.

Currently, PHR cares for two ponies and two horses, two others have passed on, and just this past November 2011, has begun the process of registering to become a charitable foundation. Mr. Fauma of International Law Office in Phuket Town has generously donated his firm's time in seeing this through- which is a lengthly process taking up to 18 months. The Chairman will be Dr. "John" Trithep, DVM of the Thalang Animal Hospital. I myself will act as director and treasurer, and will make the necessary initial 200,000 baht donation, but am still in need of a trusted third person.