KP Pro we can help and create your residence, home or building to be the smart place for you with the most utility meanwhile to thrown money for the international standard quality product is a worthwhile way to save money in your pocket… KP Pro helps you to install PE-FOAM and spray on insulator PU-FOAM.

PU-FOAM or Polyurethane Foam produces from non-dangerous materials, light, fireproof, watertight and against sound. PU-FOAM is a highly adhesive material, non-deteriorating as well as over 80 years long endurance... PU-FOAM can be chosen a thickness of its layer on your need with full efficiency for heat reduced suitable for residences, factory, cold storage industry and temperature-controlled industrial processing. Because PU-FOAM is easy to install and within 3 seconds PU-FOAM can be stick with every kind of material such as under the roof, on the roof and on wall.

PE-FOAM the newest evolution of insulator created by modern technology processing, Coating Pure Aluminium Foil with Expanded Polyethylene Foam Sheet so this makes PE-FOAM is completely Heat Protection. PE-FOAM can protect inside building from heat and keep temperature stable that get 30% electricity saving while the air-conditioner operation. PE-FOAM is designed to resist from weather and moisture as well as it is not food of insect and germ accumulation. Therefore, PE-FOAM has long life using of 10 years. ?Moisture is the major reason of lower efficiency of heat protection in other insulators. 100% closed cell structure of PE-FOAM insulator makes PE-FOAM resist from moisture / Due to the structure of PE-FOAM consisting of condensed air bubbles, PE-FOAM can greatly protect sound transmission.

... Additionally, KP Pro is an experienced supplier of quality water tank, Hot-Cold Water Plumbing System and Rain Water System.

Rain Water System guaranteed by the world famous industry at Sweden. Our system made of the high quality steel, convenient rust prevention with Hot-Dip Galvanize processing which thickest coating 275 g. /sq.m, High Build Polyester coating. Furthermore, our products also are Tile Effect Roofing and Lindab Exterior Wall Profiles. (15 Year Guarantee)