The soaring ascent of the Phuket economy appears self-perpetuating.  Phuket is seeing amazing capital development growth, impervious to impediments (real or imaginary).  What we are hearing is that deals are on the table everywhere.

We offer “can-do” guidance to the Phuket international community from a legal perspective.  Included are overseas resort management, Thai joint ventures and those either living or visiting Phuket, having the need for professional assistance in land and/or commercial matters.  We can secure any transaction involving capital spending on a full-recourse basis, without involving the courts.  In other words, a progressive, open-minded legal stance and new ideas.  When it comes to devising contemporary and advanced legal structures to eliminate or minimize capital risk, we lead the way.  Security you can reach out and touch.

Many times clients tell us, that they feel so lucky to have found someone here they can trust. Its true that finding what looks like a trustworthy local partner is fortunate.  Yet, ineloquently stated:  “Trust is good, but no trust is better”.  There simply is no substitute for a use-proven, professionally-written contract to secure spending.   And beware of the do-it-myself mind-set.  Many times, when we are locked into client-generated agreements, it doesn’t make things any easier.  Remember, “Great success, like great wealth, is harder to keep than it is to get in the first place”.

Our staff includes legal practitioners from England, U.S.A. and Australia.  We communicate quickly in English.  Licensed Thai lawyers are utilized on an of-counsel basis for applications of local law, depending on whether it is civil or criminal.

We make it our business to stay absolutely current on the last word pertaining to the Land Code, Condominium Act and the Foreign Business Act.

Time and again, callers in edgy situations, needing rapid assistance in securing a land transaction, dispute resolution, male/female things, or immigration/labor matters, are given our immediate attention, putting our clients quickly in the comfort zone.  Clients with even less time than patience are the norm.  To get it all done right, we work seven days a week, 12 hours or more a day.  We insist that you are pleased with results.

All e-mail and telephone calls are answered on the spot.

Land acquisition contracts are reviewed and delivered for signing within 12 hours or even less.  No stale transactions.

Courtesy Assistance. Initial consultations are always complimentary, with no time limit, either at our office or anywhere convenient to you.  Short-notice is typical.  We answer hundreds of questions every week for newcomers and residents alike who are concerned over what the law really is. On a courtesy basis, we spend a lot of free time making sure everyone knows the answers to questions like: Can we buy land here? Can I run my own business? What visa do I need? Is it best to have local partner? Can we retire here? All this is clarified enabling informed decisions.  Fees do not apply until after we understand what services are actually required.  Fees are fixed on a mutually acceptable, cost-effective basis.

Now more than ever, for one reason or another, visitors are moving beyond hotels and into houses. Every year, the thriving resident international community here grows larger. Retirement, local investment, headquarters re-location, or a new start, are typical reasons for living the good life on Phuket.

Phuket Advisory Services enables any of these objectives. We were one of the original advisory firms on the Island and our staff has grown to 12 professionals.

The main thing we do is to provide reliable, simple and affordable advice. We show you how to live just as independently here as you would in any developed country. Buy your own house, sponsor your own visa, run your own business, all with total independence, security and recourse.

Land Purchases.  By far the most active area of our practice is land transactions. Leases, land development and acquisitions keep us busier than anything else. Over the years, we have assisted hundreds of clients acquire land with simple and secure documentation. Not once has ownership been disturbed or questioned.   Our expert staff runs a comprehensive due diligence check on the villa, condo or building you want to buy or rent.  We make sure the seller or lessor really owns it, hasn’t mortgaged it, has a building permit and paid the land taxes. We establish low market rental. We confirm zoning compliance and boundary line definition. Once the land’s bona fides are established we provide a hard-wired, airtight deed or lease written in English, which you can take to the bank. All of our land contracts and leases are guaranteed and certified by a licensed Phuket attorney, to insure total conformity with law.

Immigration.  Your Immigration status is of vital importance. Records show that about 85% of all legal problems arise from visa use issues. Having the correct visa for your particular life style is very important. Difficulties come up mostly when someone else sponsors your visa.  We show you how not to depend on a local sponsor.  With the right visa, there is no reason why you should ever have status risk exposure.  By using Phuket Advisory, you never have to stand in line at the Immigration office. You never need to obtain stamps or fill out applications. You never worry about compliance. You never even have to talk to Immigration officials. You don’t pay any “extra” money. We do it all for our clients. Totally turnkey.