Our International Legal Service Provides:

Other Available Professional Services:

The Firm works with selected accounting and audit firms, reputable property agents, as well as other professionals for and on behalf of the clients.

The Firm also provides lobbying works as well as governmental liaisons on the government and other related projects.

The Firm offers a variety of management services on the property ownership, long-term lease and maintenance & utility arrangements on behalf of the clients.

Fees Arrangement:
We do normally charge our professional services on an hourly basis but flat or lump sum fees can be arranged. The fees do not include handling expenses and government fee(s), if any.

We always require a 50% deposit prior to beginning the work.

Monthly and Yearly Retainers:

For extensive or regular legal needs, the Firm also offers monthly and yearly retainers to serve the clients as their legal counsel on any corporate and legal works affecting any business activities of the clients. We can also act as the local or independent directors for the clients or their corporate entities in Thailand.