INET is the leading ICT provider you can trust

Internet Thailand Plc (INET) is a leading provider of ICT solutions and applications, including e-Commerce and highly-secured online payment, for all sizes of business. INET's online recruitment system has also been successfully adopted by several of the country's leading organizations. INET is always ready to develop modern solutions to respond to a variety of needs for large, medium and small industries.

INET provides services on a highly stable network

Every INET service is developed on one of the best ICT networks in Thailand with extensive high-speed connections locally and internationally so that all INET users can access information promptly and with the highest confidence. The company has two parallel network operating centers (NOC), one at Thai Summit Tower and the other at Bangkok Thai Tower. Each NOC works independently with its separate local and international connections so that if one network center were to fail, the other could take over operations promptly and seamlessly with no service interruption.

The two NOCs are linked via Gigabit Ethernet and there is a MetroLAN contingency network functioning as a Ring Network so that INET users can be assured that their communication needs are catered to at all times without interruption.

INET realizes that being a leader in ICT means more than just providing network connections. For this reason, the company offers a comprehensive range of services covering all essential network applications so that INET users can grow their businesses in a sustainable manner.

INET responds to all business needs, an ICT strategic partner

INET realizes its important role of being a leading data communication and network services provider, aiming to revolutionize business processes with superior technology and decreasing costs. Its customer-centric approach allows it to respond to customers' ICT needs promptly and appropriately in a variety of businesses, including banking & finance, manufacturing, government, and SMEs, by creating value-added services with various solutions and applications developed and supported by experienced professional teams. INET's mission is to create business opportunities and raise Thai business competitiveness to be on a par with international competitors.