Welcome to Deep Blue Divers in Phuket

Deep Blue Divers was established in the year 2000 by Andreas Donate and Joerg Zebisch. It was the first dive centre on Phuket to concentrate chiefly on all aspects of technical diving. Through our long years of experience in this market segment we are able to guarantee a qualified, first rate service with a high regard to safety.

Due to the seven wrecks and countless other interesting Tec-sites discovered by Deep Blue Divers in the area around Phuket, we can offer the ambitious tec diver a unique package which we are continually enlarging. Whether you choose to join us on the first exploratory dives on a newly discovered wreck, or complete an open circuit training course offered through to Trimix Diver according to TDI-Standards or equally possible an IART training course on one of the closed circuit rebreathers from Ambient Pressure Diving, the Inspiration or Evolution or a semi-closed rebreather such as the Draeger Ray or Dolphin you are assured a memorable stay! We can also offer IART Instructor training to Inspiration/Evolution-Instructor.

Dive excursions to the legendary HMS Vestal, the last British warship to be sunk in WWII as well as to the other 6 discovered wrecks are almost totally exclusive to Deep Blue Divers. Whatever your requirement, you will of course find sufficient modern diving equipment, in top condition, available to rent from us.

You can find detailed information about the wrecks, courses and divetrips on the following pages. Have fun reading!