If loud, live rock music is your thing and if you believe that ‘God gave rock and roll to you’ then Rock City just off Soi Bangla in Patong will be music to your ears.

Owned by Swedes George and Fred, Rock City was born when the pair – both long-term residents in Phuket – were unable to find a place on the island that would satisfy their need to ‘rock out’.

What evolved was a perma-busy bar/club with nightly rock shows performed by electrifying tribute bands – AC/DC, Metallica, KISS, Guns N Roses, and Bon Jovi to name but some of the ‘monsters of rock’ at Rock City – who shake the building to its core every night.

For those wishing to take a break from rocking, food is available and Rock City has an impressive selection of drinks, albeit fairly pricey ones.