Osteopathy by Garnett B Symonds DO. HMD who was formely in practice as a Complementary Health-Care Practitioner in London for 25 years before moving to Phuket. He performs a hands-on form of treatment that cares the health of people and helps relieve pain on any parts of each body.

The experienced osteopaths work hands-on using various diagnostic and treatment techniques to obtain the best results of osteopathy.
Your first time seeing us, we will take a full-case history and will give you an examination.

Sometimes, the osteopath may need additional investigations such as X-Ray, MRI scan or blood tests which will allow a full diagnosis for a correct treatment plan to be developed for you.

Treatment may include soft tissue (massage) techniques, rythmic passive joint mobilization or high velocity thrust (HVT) techniques to improve spinal mobility and joint movement.