With over 8 years of experience on publishing and distributing magazines and maps in Phuket, Funmags Media has build up a strong reputation and client base of well-established Phuket businesses.

Our publications include Phuket Pocket Guide, Phuket Pocket Map - English Edition and Phuket Pocket Map - Russian Edition.

Targeting mainly the tourist community, our in-house distribution team makes sure that all our publications are delivered to over 300 Phuket hot spots, including all major hotels and resorts, guesthouses, restaurants and pubs, shopping malls - with a display at Central Festival, health centres and spa’s, travel agencies, tour counters, hospitals, our display at the Rassada Port (Pier) and many more.

Being a media partner for many sporting events, the magazine ends up in hundreds of player bags over the year, targeting returning potential customers.