Welcome to Scandinavian Divers - Phuket

Our adventure center in Phuket is open every day the whole year around. We offer world class diving, excellent snorkeling trips for the whole family, PADI diving courses from beginner to pro and liveabord diving safaris. Enjoy non-stop unforgettable experiences, sightseeing and relaxing. You are guaranteed a super holiday!

During our diving trips we visit the legendary dive sites of the Phuket archipelago and beyond. Dive in the crystal clear waters off Racha Yai, meet the leopard sharks at Shark Point or explore the famous ship wreck of King Cruiser. We also offer diving trips to the Similan Islands, Thailand’s amazing diving and snorkeling national park. If you are an experienced diver you will quickly discover why amazing Thailand ranks as one of the world's most stunning scuba diving destinations!

We offer snorkeling trips to all the top snorkeling destinations on the west coast of Thailand including, but not limited to, Phi Phi Islands and the Similan Islands. So, on with the mask and snorkel and into the sea! Here snorkelers are introduced to a beautiful and incredibly colorful different world under the calm surface of the sea. And remember, age doesn't matter. Eight or eighty, the experiences are overwhelming when you snorkel in this tropical paradise. After a few days of snorkeling, you will want to go a bit deeper down, to be one with the aquatic life! You are now addicted, and a PADI diving course becomes your next goal.

Our PADI five star IDC center diving school offers the whole range of PADI diving courses. If you haven't got your diving certificate yet, you will be hooked for life after you first diving course, constantly wanting more and more! You can start to join a one day course with two real dives in the sea or complete a full PADI diving course and get a diving certificate that is valid in the entire world. If you already are a certified diver you can continue your education with us all the way to become a professional PADI diving instructor.

Alone or as a family, you can join on one of our liveaboard diving safaris to the Similan Islands. We will guarantee the liveaboard experience will be the highlight of your holiday. If you are really lucky, you might play with a whale shark, the biggest fish in the world and maybe you will meet the elegant manta rays, hovering around the divers, showing off their wingspans of four to five meters!