Phuket offers you a chance to look your best with a hair style that you can reap from fashion magazines and you become trendy and fashionable with your new haircut. But you can find a regular Thai haircut and ordinary Thai barbers a bit different from a western one in terms of cost and style.  Thai barbers not only do just cut, cut and cut but also apply services like shampoo, rinse, deep cleansing of ears, removal of unwanted ears, nose and eyebrow hair, and even beard trim.  Some offers free head massage to help ease away your stress. The cost can range from 50 to 300 Baht depending on what star of shops and services on offer. Most shops can be found in small town centers or market areas.

In addition to barber shops, Phuket has more to offer on the beauty side. It’s about beauty salons that can make you look perfect and pretty on your way. Some barber shops also provide more services on beauty like manicure, but not as much as what the salons can do. Nail art is now one of the making-money businesses here in Phuket and this sort of art is gaining more popularity among Thai youths. The experts do well on their manicure job to paint the simple designs on your nail. Piercing and tattoo services can be available too. The salons are not offered everywhere, and most are located in Phuket town.

Finally, the combination of your holiday experience is travel to Phuket, style your hair and color your beauty.