House of the Lord Church, Phuket, belongs to all Phuketians. You are welcome to visit, relax, play sports, worship with us as well as encourage your children to learn to play music or learn English here. We also provide counselling for problems in your life. The worship takes place every day except Monday, which is our holiday. Everything offered here are free of charge with no strings attached.

We welcome you and are glad to be part of those who provide better things to Phuket and our children. We hope to see the province become a good and safe place with people living in peace.

We are willing to cooperate with state agencies in preventing our children from all vices that are undermining the youth, and in all kinds of activities that promote moral, ethical and social values. We encourage you to join us in improving our province.

Pasteral Team, House of the Lord Church - Phuket, Patong and Kok Klo.