The ISS Group was founded in Copenhagen in 1901 and has since grown to become the world’s leading Facility Services Company. ISS is currently present in over 52 countries and has over 25 years experience in Thailand.

Our Services

Pest Control
ISS Pest Control uses proprietary formulas of residual chemicals, gels, baits and fogging treatment to effectively control crawling and flying insects. All chemicals adopted by ISS Pest Control meet international safety standards. Whilst having a lasting effect, treatments are safe to the environment and to humans.

Rodent Control
Difference control techniques are used to eliminate rodents. Chemical control using baits, physical control in the from of traps are sticky boards are most commonly deployed. Glue traps are effective alternatives in areas where food sources are abundant and therefore weaken bait attraction. As part of our complete services, regular rodent control inspections are carried out to replace baits and reposition traps and arrange the discreet removal of trapped or dead rodents.

Termite Control
Professionally qualified ISS Termite Inspectors provide a room-to-room examination of all timber components to detect damaged wood or possible termite infestation with advanced termite detecting devices. If termite infections are suspected, chemical treatment or termite intercepting & baiting systems will be applied to ensure all termite colonies are exterminated.

Landscaping Services
ISS Facility Services ISS Facility ServicesWith our skilled and motivated ISS staff, we can provide flexible solution that is adapted to every customer's needs. We can design and construct a wide range of Landscaping Service i.e. Design and Construction of Landscaping, Green Area Construction and Plant Relocation, Daily Maintenance tasks to clean and clear. The clients will obtain economies of scale by adding this service.

Often, time and resources are wasted because tasks are delegated to a range of different suppliers and partners. ISS Property Services can provide of a long list of services that contribute to optimizing the value of a company’s property services budget. Our services can be combined in innumerous ways, as selected services or as a complete solution focusing on resource optimization, efficiency and systematic planning.

As a matter of fact, we can handle all tasks related to the physical environment in and around the premises with highly skilled employees as well as an extensive network of sub-contractors. Our objective is to contribute to the existing property investment by servicing the facilities optimally.
ISS Property services is the single solution provider covering all property needs.