Sirinath National Park, Phuket Province, South Thailand

In 1980 Mr Sanae Wattanathorn the governor of Phuket surveyed the province to identify sites worthy of preservation. He considered both the tourist potential and the local villagers needs at all sites. One location visited was at Saku village on the North Western coast of Phuket island, centred upon an area of community grazing land, the adjoining beach and bay. This site appeared to be suitable for preservation so it was recommended to the Royal Forest Department as a possible site for the creation of a National Park. The Royal Forest Department came and undertook several surveys to assess the site's potential . They realised that although the forest in the area was not especially diverse and in some areas had been replaced by fruit tree plantations, they did discover two large healthy coral reefs in the bay. They also noted the overall natural state of the site the clean water and its historic importance as a sea turtle nesting beach. The Royal Forest Department produced and filed a report with the government for the inclusion of the site as a National Park. Had Nai Yang as the site became known, was officially opened by Royal decree on 13th July 1981. It became the 31st National Park of Thailand and covered the area of coastline and extended 5 kms out to sea.

In 1992 the Royal Forest Department changed the name of the park in commmemoration of the 60th birthday of Her Majesty, Queen Sirikit. The park name was changed to Sirinath Marine National Park. The boundary covers a total area of 90 sq. kms. of which 68 sq. kms. (76%) is marine and 22 sq. kms. (24%) is terrestrial.