The Peerapat group of companies that now supplies many hotels and institutions in Thailand and the region with products that range from kitchen supplies to pool necessities, has evolved into a full service provider.

      Started in the early eighties with one million Bath of registered capital, the company was then producing only industrial chemicals, and aimed tobe a leading Thai company in this field, In 1989 the company affirmed its vision and focus on the hospitality industry by adding cleaning products to its business. From the original limited product base the company's offering now include many different, specialized product lines, some of which are manufactured by Peerapat while others are imported from overseas.

      In addition to servicing over 800 hotels Peerapat also supplies restaurants, hospitals and food processing companies. The company did over 600 million Baht in business in 2005 and is well on track to continue this robust growth. Fuelling part of that growth is its emergence as a regional marketer in Southeast Asia with offices in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Sri Lanka

      Predominant factor, no doubt, contributing to the growth of Peerapat is the continual expansion of its products. Every year products of the highest quality are added to commensurate with its goal to be the hospitality industry's Solution Provider.

      Furthermore Peerapat places great importance in helping hotels to save substantial energy costs and move towards green technology in order to save money and primarily to help protect the country's environment.