Welcome to Rock Hard A Go Go

You can't thrive for 16+ years in this town by accident....

Patong Beach is one of the world's leading tourist destinations, with millions of visitors heading for it's sun kissed shores every year. The attrition rate for bars is off the scale, the carcasses of failed ideas are quickly remodeled every year, for another try, many destined to miss the target. The owner Larry built the bar in the 80’s and he’s still rockin’ hard.

'The Rock' as we are known just keeps on keeping on, delivering a great product, moving with the times, constantly improving, but keeping true to it's founding principles. We built a place that we love, that we wanted to go to, with great music, great girls who are always ready to rock hard and, party hard. It has been the default location for any number of A list rock stars and movie stars when they come to the island, from Ronnie Wood to Robbie Williams, we get 'em all, we rock 'em all.

Rock Hard Phuket: Rock Hard A Go Go Bar on Bangla road, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand is one of Phuket Nightlife, A go go bar, Cocktail Bar at Phuket