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Technical Diving Training in Phuket, Thailand. Education through NAUI, TDI, IANTD, DSAT and CMAS from Diver to Instructor in Phuket Thailand

Thailand's only dedicated technical dive centre

Ocean Zone Divers - Premier Technical Dive Center

Ocean Zone Divers is located in Phuket, also referred to as the “Jewel of the South”. Ocean Zone Divers chose to establish itself in Chalong just a few steps from the pier in order to provide easy access to the dive boats main departure area. Surrounding beaches offer all that holiday makers can dream about: 5* Hotels, fantastic shopping, great bars and discotheques, absolutely delicious food as well as amenities needed when traveling such as banks, health care, car rental, etc.

Just 30 minutes from Phuket International Airport, transfers are easy to organize in conjunction with diver training,accommodation booking or liveaboard trips. Limousine and Taxi meters operate directly from the arrival area too.

With now a second shop located in the Paradise Islands of Phi Phi, Ocean Zone Divers is definitely the leading Technical Dive Center in Thailand. Our Phi Phi Branch is more specialized in overhead environments such as Caverns and Caves, but offers just like the Phuket Branch all levels of training.

Andrew Fortune - Senior Technical IT

The operation is run by Andrew Fortune, currently an Instructor Trainer with TDI/SDI, CMAS *** Instructor(on the technical board), an IT with IANTD, an It with PSAI, a Workshop Director with NAUI and MSDT with PADI and /DSAT. Andrew has been teaching Technical diving since 1996 and has produced dozens of Technical Instructors around the world for many different agencies. He is also a member of the Xpedition Team and the Extreme Technical Dive Team responsible for many world famous dive expeditions and is still an active commercial offshore diver and recently became an offshore supervisor

Andrew has selected only the best instructors to teach technical diving and the standards are set high. At Ocean Zone Divers, we do not believe in buying certifications, they must be earned.

Ocean Zone Divers - Dive Shop

Ocean Zone Divers is the only dive shop in Phuket to carry a stock of technical dive gear. We are the sole distributor for Oxycheq Dive Gear (specialized technical diving equipment) in Thailand. Ocean Zone Divers produces an exclusive line of Dive Wear (T-shirts, Sweat Shirts, Polo’s, Bag’s, Shorts, Bikini’s and Neoprene related items. We can also provide our customers with Custom made blending systems (continuous or panels).

Although, Ocean Zone Divers is specialized in technical diving (TDI, DSAT and CMAS), we also run the whole range of recreational courses for agencies such as PADI and CMAS. Here again, our instructors are carefully selected. We believe that good education makes safer divers. In conjunction to the technical dive gear we are a dealer for brands such as AQUALUNG, SCUBAPRO, SUNTO and UWATEC, so if you need some items from these brands we can order them within 24hours.
Ocean Zone Divers as technical dive centers has a full gas blending capacity and will blend any type of mix required for technical diving, nitrox diving or for your rebreather. Our station is fitted with continuous blending and partial pressure blending.

Ocean Zone Divers - Foremost Technical Diving Establishement

Ocean zone divers is the foremost technical diving and technical education establishment in Phuket, we are dedicated to tech divers in Phuket.

Though Ocean Zone Divers offers all the services you would expect from a dive center, our prime focus is diving education. Our teaching style is unique in the industry; we don’t content with just following the standards set by diving agencies. Instead we take the best of each system and blend it into our unique modular system.

The advantage of this approach is that we can focus on diving academics unlimited and then learn the standards and policies that apply to individual agencies. This system is focused around years of teaching experience through multiple agencies and designed to give the candidate the best possible insight and understanding of diving activities and in particular Technical Diving.

Undertaking an educational program with Ocean Zone Divers is challenging, but extremely rewarding. Candidates will highly increase their diving knowledge, diving skills, their fitness levels and learn to deal with stress related situations, thanks to the background of our technical director, Andrew Fortune.

Because our programs are difficult, our safety record is unmatched in the diving industry with a null record of accidents in the 12 years of teaching technical diving.

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