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Interior Design by Style

There is a fine line between today's home interior designs and the luxurious hotel designs. As we become more globalised and travel much more, we are also adopting what we like in hotel's designs into our homes. Residential designs are taking on the looks and functionality of luxurious hotels, similarly hotels are also incorporating the comforts of homes into their designs.At Vincent Chye we combine these concepts for all our residential or hospitality projects.

Vincent Chye Company, founded by Vincent is a residential and commercial interior design firm based in Thailand with offices in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Singapore. Originally from Singapore, Vincent came to Thailand in 1998 as a buyer and furnishings consultant for a major wholesaler in Thailand. Since 2006, Vincent became independent and started his own design company. We know that its not always to communicate and get your ideas transalated into actual work in Thailand . Hence our main customers based are mainly international clients looking at setting a home or investors in resorts projects in Thailand.

At Vincent Chye, we strongly belief that your interiors should reflect your lifestyle what makes you feel comfortable, rejuvenates, inspires and encompasses the essence of living well. it's not just about what's in style or chasing the latest fad. We want to give you a space that you will look forward to come home to everyday and to relax in comfortable luxe.

Our passion for creating stylish and contemporary spaces is matched by our efficiency and creativity in all our projects. We want to provide a space that reflects your lifestyle and personality; it's not just about what's in style or the latest fad. We want to give you a space that you will look forward to come home to everyday and to relax in comfortable luxe.

In April 2011 we open our first retail furnsihings store in Chiang Mai under the brand name “ Designers Baan” We also house our soft furnishings production in Chiang Mai plus sourcing and fabrication of interior decorative art and objects.

Vincent Chye has proven experience in supplying interior design and furnishings for luxury residence and resort hotels and serviced apartments.

Vincent Chye has been working in the interior fabric business for over twenty years.

He worked for three major regional interior fabric suppliers in Singapore
before starting his own interior company. He was the prime Singapore distributor for several international interior fabric brands. As customers became more cost conscious, he started importing Thai and regional fabrics under his own brands into the Singapore market.

With his extensive experience working with direct clients, designers and retailers, he started to consult with interior fabric wholesalers and mills , selecting colours , textures and setting fabrics trends for manufacturers of interior fabrics.

While consulting as buyer for fabric wholesalers in Thailand, he noticed the need for a reliable retailer to service the upmarket condo market. Also, there was a need for a capable contractor for supplying and fabricating local, regional and international fabrics into draperies, furniture, and accessories for luxury and resort hotels.

In May 2006, Vincent Chye Company Ltd was established in Bangkok to service designers, luxury homes , hotels and resorts in Thailand.To compliment our business Vincent Chye Chiang Mai was set up in March 2007 as a production workshop for all soft furnishings finished products .We have since then extended our business in Chaing Mai to sourcing and fabrication of interior furniture & accessories for our clients and projects.

Vincent Chye" branded interior fabrics are widely available for residential and designers' projects. Custom fabrics are also available for hotels, serviced apartments, and furniture manufacturers. Samples of our custom draperies, upholstered furniture, and interior accessories are shown in our web pages.

Vincent Chye has proven experience in supplying interior products for upmarket condos, and for luxury and resort hotels and serviced apartments.We can either supply our fabrics directly, or fabricate your custom drapery and upholstery, and provide appropriate accessories to complete your project.