Welcome to Bangkok Phuket Hospital LASIK Center, Thailand "The Laser vision treatment"

At present the innovation of technology be able to treat and correct more efficiently and diversity , Including the laser vision treatment to insolve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism which these issues impact on daily life. Such as not be able to use the computer that long time, inconvenience in the exercise etc.

The laser vision treatment for over 20 years and is recognized that precision and high safety.

Bangkok Phuket Hospital LASIK Center, we offer a complete range of eye care procedures to make sure your eyes receive the most technologically advanced, safe and appropriate vision correction procedure. We match your needs with our superior technology to give you the clear, sharp vision you have always wanted.

Dr. Khemawan Wethayawikoon and Dr. Tulaya Tungsiripat focus on procedures such as LASIK, intraocular lens implant options, along with other laser vision correction procedures, such as PRK and SBK, to correct the vision of our patients.