Sangdamrong has been boasting itself as the first kitchenware shop in Phuket. With more than 60,000 items in store, Sangdamrong is the most equipped kitchenware shop with wide-range of products to choose from. With our modern showrooms, trustable qualities, customers-friendly prices and excellent services, more than 90% of hotels and restaurants in Phuket and nearby provinces are all ourregular customers.

- 1959 Established under the name 'Yu Hua Lung' as a street-side stall selling kitchenware in front of friends' housed and during festive events in Phuket and nearby provinces.
- 1962 First shop established near Ranong Road Fresh Market. Name changed to 'Sangdamrong'.
- 1980 Moved to 34/1-5 Bangkok Road. 2010 Opened up branches near Patong Beach under the name 'Kitchamber' by Sangdamrong