Stepping into the jewel-toned GITANO Restaurant & Love, every sense is immediately awakened by the rich colours, sounds and aromas of this family-run Mexican-Thai restaurant.

Launched in October 2009 by Lin Prachakrich, GITANO reflects the evolution of Lin's lifestyle. Having run the popular GITANO bar and restaurant in Phuket Town a decade ago, Lin and her husband Miguel Kirjon took some time out to focus on the family. Then, to the joy of many locals who had missed their colourful presence, started up their 'GITANO 2.0' version. The new GITANO features the island's most stylish children's playroom and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where people of all ages feel welcome.

Art and creativity are central to Lin and Miguel's life and they extend this into every nook and cranny of the restaurant, from the feminine-themed artwork on the walls, some of which was created by Miguel himself, to the brightly coloured tables and chairs with board games and flowers hand-painted on the tabletops, to the quirky mobiles and fun art pieces that delight the eyes at every turn. Even the bathrooms are intricately, lovingly designed, with sparkling coloured glass and mirror mosaics giving the impression that you've entered a magical kaleidoscope rather than simply a place to freshen up.

GITANO's menu is equally imaginative and lively, with a broad selection of flavourful, fresh dishes as well as a special section for the kids. Signature dishes include Khong-Wang-Ruam, a mixed appetizer of lemongrass prawn balls, lime chicken, fried toast and vegetable spring rolls; Nue-Ga-Ta-Ron, grilled potatoes and vegetables with marinated beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin or chicken fillet; Pa-Nang-Gai-Grob, crispy-fried chicken topped with peanut red curry; Gaeng-Kiaw-Warn-Gai-Roti, chicken green curry with eggplant and sweet basil, served with roti; Pla-Salmon-Nueng-See-Iw, steamed salmon with ginger and Chinese mushroom in sesame oil soya sauce; Pla-Mug-Yud-Sai-Nueng-Ma-Nao, whole squid stuffed with pork and glass noodle in spicy lime juice; Chili Con Carne, soft kidney beans in spicy beef sauce, served with crunchy tortillas; and Chimichangas, baked burritos with chicken, beef or shrimp, served with fresh salad, sour cream, salsa and guacamole. For dessert, Mango Cheese Pie and Creme Caramel (Flan) are among the favourite sweet treats, while wine lovers will adore the personally selected choices available. Regardless of the choice of food, wine and cocktails, great value is assured.

GITANO's exciting design and dishes reflect a playful intermingling of Lin and Miguel's backgrounds and inspirations. Lin is a Bangkok native who lived in China for a time to learn the language, while the Finnish-German Miguel spent his childhood in the Latin American countries Cuba and Columbia. They both moved to Phuket initially to teach, and have since integrated their love of lifelong learning into the restaurant. The upstairs area of GITANO regularly hosts international artists who conduct classes for kids and adults, and is an ideal space for holding special functions and meetings.

Truly a fiesta for the senses, GITANO Restaurant & Love is the place to come and celebrate friends, family and great food.

Found one kilometre east of the Heroine's Monument, GITANO is located on the main road leading to Ao Po Grand Marina and the stylish Cape Yamu, Phuket's up-and-coming east coast resort destination. Delivery service is also available.