Phuket Archery Club (PAC)

Phuket's only archery range. We teach young and old. Fun & exciting!

Perhaps an archery club in Phuket is not of much interest to tourists and travelers however I am certain that the new Phuket Archery Club will attract plenty of local Thai residents as well as local expats. Perhaps even some tourists visiting Phuket will enjoy a visit to the newly found Phuket Archery Club.

When I heard that a new archery club had opened its doors in Phuket I was more or less expecting that it was started by an expat so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Phuket Archery Club was actually founded by a Thai man who picked up his love for archery in Bangkok. Khun Santi Tontungtrong set up this new type of Phuket sports club in the Phuket City area and not only are there 16 targets at the Phuket Archery Club but there is also a great handy shop where visitors can buy a wide range of bow and arrows. If you are not ready to invest into archery equipment yet then you can also simply rent the equipment from the Phuket Archery Club shop. It costs only 200 Thai Baht to rent the relevant archery equipment and you can use the target area for only 50 Thai Baht which is very cheap. I believe that there is currently also a special deal at the Phuket Archery Club where for 300 Thai Baht you can use the facilities of this archery club in Phuket Town as often as you wish.

If you have never done any archery in your life then there is an archery instructor which you can book to give you or your children lessons. The Phuket Archery Club is definitely an inexpensive way to have a fun time by yourself, with friends or with your family.

The exact location of the archery club in Phuket Town is near the seahorse roundabout which is not too from the Ocean Mall shopping plaza in the center of town.

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri 12.00 - 19.30 hr
Sat - Sun 10.30 - 20.00 hr