Take One Concept

Take One is a proven direct marketing solution offering maximum advertising exposure at a low entry cost. Take One boxes containing your promotional cards are located at numerous hotels, guesthouses and other locations on Phuket Island in the Southern Gulf of Thailand. Advertisers already taking advantage of this service include Bars, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions, Entertainment Venues and other Local Businesses.

Locations for our attractive display boxes are chosen with high foot traffic in mind. Numerous daily views by potential customers convert into increased business versus other forms of media which are reviewed and discarded without much attention being paid to the advertisements. An obvious advantage of Take One advertising is that your customers actually take your card with them to use, either immediately or later, as opposed to the throw away forms of advertising. These cards are also taken back with visitors as memento's and can be reused during their next visit or to pass on to friends that visit Phuket.

We offer several plans to suit every advertiser's needs. From pure distribution of your advertising media which you produce yourself, to added services such as assistance with graphic design and printing, we have something for everybody. We also offer very flexible terms, so you receive the benefit of our low entry cost without having to sign long term placement contracts. We also offer quick time to market, so as soon as the advertisement is printed we can start placement. This is especially important to advertiser's that have frequent changes, such as monthly specials.