Sawas Service - SWS AV and Sound System

Sawas Service had operated in 1988. More than 17 years that we have been leading in stereos, musical instruments, electrical appliances and graphic equipments rental. We serve by our professional, modern and standard way in Phuket and other provinces nearby.

Every tasks of Sawas Service are perfectly, greatful and fantastic. These reasons can ensure clients' confidence to trust our abilities. The official departments and state enterprises in Phuket, Phang-Nga, Krabi, Trang, other provinces nearby and top public companies believe in our performances and services.

We work in team. We are only the one company that separate segments which are light and sound functions. Thus, it is easier for us to work as these two segments are not combined together.

This cause makes us work really fast and effective. We are good at linking various jobs to each other as well.

Mahajak Development,Limited,Phuket is our good supporter in prefessional-High end products such as BSS Audio, Christie, Martin, dbx, Crown, Soundcraft, UBL, Vestax, Denon, Shure. When we have big functions,the Mahajak Development,Limited,Phuket always establish the equipments for us. They also send the technicians to take care and control all of the equipments.