The Khao Phra Thaew (KPT) area is relatively small (2,333 ha) and completely surrounded by villages, roads and plantations. Therefore, not all the species of peninsular fauna are represented and those that remain in this forest are not easily observed. Their natural behavior is to hide in the most dense vegetation and their learned fear of man make them even more elusive Walkers on the forest trails may well hear the sounds of animals running for cover, but have little chance of seeing them. This may be frustrating for those interested in wildlife, but it is only by this wariness that the animals, up till now fiercely hunted, have managed to survive. Hopefully, in the future, they will have no need to fear the approach of man. But, in any case, in the undergrowth, the view is obstructed by vegetal walls in every direction and on all the various levels superimposed or mixed in luxurious but concealing draperies of tight foliage.