Seatran Travel has improved the Rassada Harbour, passenger terminal and adjacent area to become an international standard cruise center as well as being the civic pride. The services rendered include the harbour service and other relevant services, i.e. shipyard, berthing facility and recreational location. Such development is to add more potentiality to the existing harbour, thereby creating job and opportunity to civilization for the locality.

In development, Seatran Shipyard is a coherent project of the Rassada Harbour and passenger terminal, which the Company leases from Phuket Provincial Administration Organization. The site used to be a vacant land with an approximate area of 4 Rai located on north of the Rassada Harbour, the waterfront that adjoins Tha Jin canal is 75 m. in width and in length. Other than developing into the shipyard and slipway, the area adjoining Tha Jin Canal is also able to be developed to add about 60 meters additional berthing facilities to the existing pier.

This project can handle the growth numbers of varieties of boats in consistency with the increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists travelling to Phuket and nearby provinces. The project has focused on full solution ranging from hoisting boat to slipway, high water pressure bottom and hull cleaning, bottom and hull painting, boat repairing and custom fabrication (wood, steel or aluminium), overhauling, power system to rigging service. The project has also included shipbuilding and floating repair work.